Have a Bath- Clean Android Phone Data

Your Android Phone is Full?

Android phone user? I think you are! Over the time, your Android phone will fill up with the apps, photos, files or other data trash you can’t see in the memory space. In this case, your phone will become slower and slower becasue of the reducing of the memory. Fortunately, you can make your phone have a bath to clean something unnecessary.

Andoid phone data cleaning is similar in Android 4.0 or newer system, you can use tools or the original setting in the OS to reduce burden for your Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 or HTC one, etc.

The most straightforward and fastest Way- Factory Setting

You may have so many data in your Android phone, even you don’t have a idea to how to clean it up. Maybe you can start over from scratch. Factory resetting feature in the phone allow you quickly clean all the data in the phone. However, before you use this “final attack” to your phone, you should know what data you need to keep and back up them in another safety place. Such as the contacts, text messages, photos and the apps you purchased in Google Play, you can get them back from Google account ot Google+ after resetting.

However, those data of the apps can’t be recovered if you do a factory resetting, for example, the process of the games. All in all, if you want to use factory resetting to clean data for your Android phone, you should make sure your have backed up the important data!


android data cleaing

Get rid of the unnecessary apps

In fact, the thing which occupy the most space in the phone is app. Thus, if you want to clean up yout phone memory, the first thing you can do is uninstaling the unnecessary apps. You can go to setting>apps to choose those games, tools which have been not used frequently by you. Besides you can download the apps that combine many kinds of features you need, those apps is smaller and can satisfy you as well.

On the other hands, you can root your phone and uninstall those useless apps which were installed by producers or carriers.


recover data from android

Deleting useless file

In the process of using Android phone, we may store different files to the phone and some apps will generate some files temporarily needed. So you can check in the Setting>Storage, to see what kinds of file in your phone is the most. And you need to delete some of them which are unnecessary.

Not only the internal memory of the phone, you need to clean up the file in the external phone memory card. Most apps’s data and support files are saved in the memory card. If you have uninstall the apps you don’t use any more, you need to clean their data, because uninstalling won’t achieve this.

 android files recovery


What Accidents will Happen When clean up your Android Phone

Indeed, you have to pay more attention when you clean your Android. Those deletion is easy to cause data loss from Android phone. For example, forgetting backing up contacts, text messages, photos, etc before factory resetting, accidently deleting the necessary files, even deleting the cored apps in the system after rooting, which will make phone OS corrupted. If these siuation happen to you unfortunately, it is possible to recover data from Android phone.

More about Android Data Recovery: http://androiddatarecovery.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/recover-data-from-android/

More Android tips:http://androiddatarecovery.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/tips-and-tricks-and-data-recovery-for-samsung-galaxy-s4/

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