How to Deal with Android Phone Corrupted Memory Card

Memory Card is also Important for Android Phone

Apart from hardware configuration, memory card is considerable factor. Even if more and more Android phone extend the capacity of internal memory, but external micro-SD card is a indispensable equipment for Android phone. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on memory card of Android phone. If something wrong happen to Android phone or the Memory card, such as corruption, what and how can we deal with it? Android data recovery is unavoidable?

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Top 3 Cause for Android Phone Memory Card Corruption

1. Forcibly unplug from device, some users has a bad habit that, when finish using the memory card or transferring data, he/she directly unplug the card without shutting down the devices or click the “ dismount hardware in safe”. In this case, because there are some programs or orders run in memory card when they are plugged to device, if we unplug them without dismounting, it is easy to damage the sector of the memory card.Although most Android phone allow “hot plug and unplug”, but most users forget to unmount memory card, when they need to unplug memory card while phone working.

2. Unnecessary formatting. In some case, wrong formatting result from corrupted, it is better that memory card should be formatted in the relevant digital devices. If we format memory card in the computer or card-reader, it may make memory card can’t be read by device. The reason for this situation is different devices have different control chip.

3.Infection by virus, it is a unavoidable thing in this IT era, virus is everywhere, if we are so careless that download a software with virus or visit the illegal web, our computer is possible to be infected by virus. So when we plug the memory card to the device which has infected by virus may be attacked by virus when connect to an infected computer, of course the memory card may get sick and corruption will happen.

What We Can Do when Android Phone Memory Card Get Corrupted

When corruptiong happen to Android phone memory card, the first thing you should do is stopping using the phone, and unplug the card from phone. Then you can connect the card to computer to see whether the computer can read the card normally, if does, backup the data in the card to hard drive and format it in Android phone, if not you can try to use the “chkdsk” order to fix error.

If the card can’t be fixed, I am afraid that you have to format the memory card or replace with a new one.

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Android Data Recovery May Do when Memory card of phone is Corrupted

You may worry about the data in the corrupted card, of course, formatting must make all the things gone from the memory card, so before formatting the corrupted Android phone memory card, you have to recover data from Android memory card firstly.

As long as the corrupted card can be indentified by Android phone or computer, it is possible to recover lost data from Android phone memory card

Android Data Recovery software

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